Shah Jahan Red Lacquer Decorative Plate
Shah Jahan Red Lidded Box

Sarah King meets Aisha ~ Family members of the late Mohammed Ashraf ~ Lacquer Artisans

While living in Islamabad, Pakistan, in the Fall of 2000, Ann King, her husband Larry and their daughter, Sarah, met the extraordinary and artistically talented family of the late Mohammed Ashraf. The family of Mohammed Ashraf explained to us that their father was a much honored and master craftsman of the ancient art of lacquerwork. He was a seventh generation lacquer artisan whose ancestors worked in the Court of Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor who built the Taj Mahal. He, along with his family before him, passed on the ancient, colorfully complex and precise techniques of lacquer art to his family.

The family’s museum quality, award-winning lacquer artwork is made of wood, entirely by hand turned lathe and the hand application of the lacquer and intricately patterned engraving upon layers of color. To own a piece of their lacquer art is to have a treasure of generations of artists spanning the centuries.

Ann’s family and the family of the late Mohammed Ashraf want you to know that they make their living from their lacquerwork. By purchasing their lacquer art you help ensure the perpetuation of this glorious art form and nourish their efforts to sustain their family life.


Shah Jahan Red Lacquer Decorative Plate pictured above: 14” across.
$185 (includes tax, shipping and handling for U.S.)

Shah Jahan Red Lacquer Lidded Box pictured above: 5.5” across and 2.25” in height.
$72 (includes tax, shipping and handling for U.S.)

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