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Spanish shawls, or mantones, are the classical, beautifully hand embroidered,100% silk shawls with long elegant fringe (fleckos) worn in Spain. Mantones come in a variety of colors to compliment your wardrobe and a unique and colorful accessory for your home. Try weaving a slender curtain rod through the macramé knotted silk fringe, allowing for light to filter through the embroidered silk ~ an elegant window treatment. Spread one across your bed for a romantic and inviting bedcovering. Mantones ~ elegant throws for your sofa ~ that is, when you’re not wearing one!


Ann King travels to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and elsewhere periodically and will be your personal shopper:

First, choose a size. All shawls are square in shape.

52” x 52” square + 17”-18” fringe, along each side of the square


42” x 42” square + 15”-16” fringe, along each side of the square

Second, choose a price range.

Shawls vary in price according to size, complexity of the embroidery and the intricacy of the fringe. They range in price from $150 to $500 plus tax, shipping and handling. The average price for a 42” x 42” square ranges between $150-$300; the 52” x 52” square, ranges between $300-$500.

Third, choose color combinations

Mantones are often embroidered on solid colors in a range of background colors such as black, beige, white, cream, red, blue, green, brown, etc. The background color and the embroidery color can be the same such as: black embroidery on black, blue on blue, red on red, burgundy on burgundy, beige on beige. Contrasting colors such as silver on black, gold on black, peach on white or cream are also available. Multi-colored embroidery (as pictured above) can be found on solid backgrounds in many colors.

Once ordered and purchased, there are no exchanges or refunds. If Ann does not find your requested color choices, she will not purchase a shawl for you and your money will be returned. Your shawl will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

Contact Ann for information about her next trip.

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